Established in 2002 from the ideals of its partners, Hand Advogados Associados is a law firm that relies on the invaluable collaboration and insights from its associates and partners and is grounded on three fundamental pillars: Ethics, Responsibility and Work.

Our firm is specialized in providing legal advisory to companies in the food, foreign trade, pharmaceutical, chemical, information technology sectors, among others and operates in contentious issues by following-up the judicial proceedings in all jurisdictions, as well as in the consulting issues which comprise a preventive performance to avoid or minimize the impact of any judicial claims.


To be a bold law firm that creates solutions and not obstacles, that can get involved in the client business, understand their needs, make new projects feasible, and always ready for new challenges.


To be a law firm recognized for the agility, honesty and legal quality of the engagements developed to domestic and foreign clients.


  • Ethics
  • Customer focus
  • Agility
  • Professional Excellence
  • Tradition
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Affinity