With the purpose of meeting the clients’ diversified needs, in the various business sectors, Hand Advogados Associados is structured according to the following legal departments:


This department focus on assisting local and foreign clients on judicial proceedings which comprise maritime customs and contractual issues (goods clearance, dumping, demurrage, Customs), either judicially or administratively.


The commercial department of Hand Advogados Associados aims at assisting its clients by analyzing, developing and providing legal advisory on agreements related to their commercial practices.

Therefore, the firm is prepared to provide legal assistance in all and every contractual issues by defending its clients’ rights and protecting them from any future risks.


The Consumer Defense Statute came into effect on March 11, 1991 and since then, the consumer-oriented claims increase substantially. The consumer protection department of Hand Advogados Associados performs a significant role in developing strategies for avoiding litigation, as well as defending legal actions whereby unfair advantages are sought by the consumers who are not aware of the educational and preventive purpose of the Code.


The purpose of our litigation area is to provide agile and qualitative service in various types of actions necessary to the satisfaction of our clients who hold rights in respect of bank, commercial, consumer, real estate, and corporate litigation, among others. Relying on this same experience for actions where our clients figure as defendants, our firm seeks to develop an efficient work to minimize a possible judicial liability, acting in an argumentative and updated way in defense of the interests of the firm’s clients.

Digital Law

The world we live in is increasingly globalized, in rapid and constant transformation. Informatics and technology are increasingly inserted in society, leading Digital Law to be present in all other branches of Law. The search for business security and integration of people into the digital universe is already a reality, be it in e-commerce, websites or in people’s everyday lives.


This department of Hand Advogados Associados provides consulting services in any issues related to real property law, both by drafting and analyzing real property-related agreements and business activities and also by defending the clients’ interests in judicial litigation which involves possession and ownership of the real property, lease, and joint owned property, among others.


Our labor department plays a significant role at developing work and employment structures, including strategies for avoiding litigation; nevertheless the defense in labor lawsuits represents the major demand of this area.


The development of this segment and the experience acquired by one of our partners in the recovery of credit for various companies in Brazil and abroad provided our firm with an agile and qualitative differential in collection actions, protests, executions, and all other judicial measures necessary to honor credits of our clients.